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The Best Music Festivals of Summer 2017

Music festivals managed to make a lot of impact this year, mainly thanks to the great talents invited to these shows. That, combined with clever event organization and hardcore fans, brought us some really impressive, unique events that were a pleasure to attend this summer. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the best music festivals – find out which of your faves made the list and which you’d better look out for next year!


How To Create Attendee Loyalty At Your Event

With so many events popping up these days and unlimited choices for attendees, it is becoming increasingly important to create an experience that will keep guests coming back to yours year after year. Your loyal customer base are the ones who will spread the word, bring all their friends, and eagerly await your next event. So it makes sense to prioritize them, right?


The Do’s And Don’ts For Surviving Frosh Week

Congratulations, you’ve made it! You’re a university student now, and one of your first true university experiences is known as Frosh Week. Frosh Week is all about orientation, so every activity planned for you during the week is meant to get you familiarized with both your surroundings and your fellow students.