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New Innovations for Race Events: Modernize and Increase Revenue

Being a race director is no walk in the park. There are a hundred things to be done just to get your event up and running (no pun intended!)

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5 Tips for Approaching Sponsors for Your Event

Event sponsors help you make the most of your event. Their investment can be the difference between delivering a mind-blowing event – or a subpar experience attendees will condemn you […]

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Enhance Your Event with a Mobile Event App

Some of the largest events in the world are turning to mobile event apps to enhance the attendee experience, often creating amazing results. It doesn’t matter what size the event, […]

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How To Create A Winning Sponsorship Strategy For Your Event

Every event professional is constantly looking for new ways to attract and keep event sponsors. They’ve become increasingly difficult to win and even harder to retain. So if you want […]

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An RFID-Free Cashless Payment Solution for Live Events (...that’s not going to cost you the big bucks!)

More and more large events and festivals are going cashless with RFID. And for good reason. With a host of benefits including reduced lineups and increased revenues, it seems all […]

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