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An RFID-Free Cashless Payment Solution for Live Events (...that’s not going to cost you the big bucks!)

More and more large events and festivals are going cashless with RFID. And for good reason. With a host of benefits including reduced lineups and increased revenues, it seems all events should be going cashless.

However, there’s a major reason why they aren’t: cost. RFID cashless systems and hardware for live-events are expensive and require major changes to on-site infrastructure. But there’s a new, more affordable solution for the event industry that can help level the playing field.

Cashless Wristband Payment Solution from GoEventus

Cashless Wristbands work in a similar way to pre-paid credit cards, where attendees purchase event money to load onto a QR coded wristband which acts as the guests link to their digital wallet to pay for food, beverages and merchandise at your event. After the event is over, participants are refunded any unused money remaining on their wristband.

The Benefits of Cashless Wristbands

Low-cost seamless integration. Unlike RFID cashless payment systems, the Cashless Wristbands do not require expensive hardware or major changes to infrastructure. All that is required is the vendor side mobile app to process transactions from a mobile device or tablet.

Enhance the attendee experience. No more rummaging in bags or wallets, counting cash or waiting for slow debit and credit processing. Attendees simply scan their wrist and they’re on their way. Bye bye long lines!

Additionally, attendees don’t have to worry about lost or stolen wallets. Every attendees’ wristband contains a unique QR code and is completely secure.

You’ll increase your revenues. It pays to keep lines moving. Slashing payment transactions times means more opportunity for spending. And by offering post-event refunds, attendees are encouraged to load up and spend more freely.

In that way, everybody wins! Your attendees spend less time in lines and more time enjoying the event. And you profit from convenient, hassle-free spending.

Easy vendor reconciliation. When vendors use Cashless Wristbands all their sale transactions are stored onto one single reconciliation report.

This also enables easy inventory management. Vendors get a detailed report of how many of each product was sold during the event.


Lineups are one of attendee’s biggest issues with live events and a major factor that can deter them from returning. RFID might not have been an option for your event, but now you can do something about it.  

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