Eliminate Long Line-Ups, Increase Revenues and Improve Your Customer Experiences

QXpress Bands Reduce Waiting Times for Feature Attractions

Long line-ups at an event’s or venue’s featured attractions can be very challenging and quickly become an event manager’s nightmare if left unresolved. Long wait times by guests directly results in less revenue generation by concessions, games and other revenue streams available at your event or venue.

QXpress Bands are an extremely quick and cost effective way of implementing a successful queue management strategy as required.

QXpress Bands do not require any new changes or adjustments to existing capital infrastructure. This is one of the best returns of an inexpensive investment in your event or venue operations you could achieve with minimal disruptions.

QXpress Bands Pay For Themselves!

QXpress Queue Management Wristbands

An excellent solution to minimize your guests waiting in line

Value Added Benefits for Your Events

QXpress Wristbands

Customized variable attraction/timing QXpress Bands offer the following benefits confirmed by our clients:

  • Increase profit
  • Significantly enhanced client experience
  • Increases concession and gaming revenues by reducing customer time spent in line-ups
  • Reduce and improve operational costs and concession waste
  • Increases likelihood of customer’s returning to your event and recommending your event
  • QR Code/Bar Code optional on all bands for direct marketing and sponsorship opportunities
  • Direct Corporate Sales for promotional days at various parks/events/fairs and festivals

Over 6 Billion Wristbands Sold…We’ve Helped Thousands of Venues Worldwide streamline their Queue Management.

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QXpress Band Queue Management Products

The Wearable Queue Management system everyone is raving about!