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Cashless & APP Solution F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing RFID packages typically centers around 5 factors:

1. Type of RFID solution required: Access Control is far simpler to implement than Cashless Payments. So each of these will need to be priced differently.
2. Number of attendees: RFID solutions are usually based on the number of attendees. Typically, the more attendees you have at your event, the less you can expect to pay for a single activation. Think of it as a volume discount.
3. Hardware required: RFID hardware includes everything from media given to attendees like wristbands, badges, lanyards, laminates, cards etc. as well as the scanners used to read them. While wristbands can range anywhere from 0.40 cents (USD) to 0.99 cents (USD) depending on the inlay used and the number of bands, RFID scanners can range approx. $500.00-$4,000 per unit. These can (at often-times) be rented at a daily rate to help lower costs.
4. Software required: An RFID system will often include an event management platform that lets you track the scanned media, (wristband, laminate, pass, ticket, badge) transactions, etc. There is usually a licensing fee that you will be expected to pay to use this software.
5. Support and Services: With RFID you will usually need to have the RFID provider on the ground at your event in addition to your own staff to provide support. This is typically common if it is your first time utilizing RFID. This additional staffing from the provider is usually built into your quote price.

This is why in large part, you will not find RFID pricing listed on any vendor website. It’s pretty much impossible to give a true number without considering the above 5 factors.
With the amazing Go Event App solution, you can focus on what is important, your attendees and their experience. We take the hassle out of implementing cashless/paperless technology and put the power back in your hands with 1 easy to use the APP.

Similar to RFID the app pricing does vary based on a number of attendees but you don’t need to worry about all of the hardware rentals, software licensing, or additional staffing on the ground. We offer a variety of custom packages built to service your event needs and remember, with the Go Event App you get the benefits of a cashless/paperless event and an event app all rolled into one. If you wanted to have an event app and RFID these two things would need to be ordered separately, usually from 2 different companies.
QR codes can be applied to our wristbands and used as “digital wallets” your attendees can scan to load funds. These funds can be used to easily pay for things like drinks, food, and merchandise at your event. Attendees simply present their wristband to vendors who would use a device such as a mobile phone or tablet to charge them for whatever they are purchasing.

ADDED BONUS!! Did you know that using cashless payment options alongside traditional payment methods means your revenues go up?
Depending on the audience, some might be more receptive to a cashless/paperless environment more so than others but from market research along with our experience in the field, patrons are more often than not really excited to experience shorter queuing times in all aspects of the event from the gates to vendors. Feelings of safety also increase as attendees no longer have to carry cash, paper tickets, or passes.
No, the best part of this solution is that you can easily use your own mobile phones or tablets. Go Event packages are easy-to-use plug & play solutions that help to enhance your event experience without the large overhead costs of implementing RFID technology.
Our experience has shown us that events which implement a tech wristband with cashless feature typically produce 20% higher ROI than traditional events. Why? Because customers tend to have an increased spend and events are able to eliminate the liability for both vendors and event organizers the need to handle physical cash.
Attendees can use any major credit card listed below or top up on site at a kiosk.
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Visa Debit Cards
  • Visa/Master Card Gift Cards
Event success is mostly determined by attendee satisfaction. Mobile event apps help provide significant data that enable event planners, race directors, and festival organizers to improve the experience for attendees, solicit feedback seamlessly, and capture many never-before-seen data points that can help to demonstrate successes.

Basically, a mobile event app helps to answer the age-old question “how was the event?”
Using an event app gives your attendees the ability to easily access the most up-to-date event details in a convenient hub. The Go Event App with the cloud scraper feature gives planners the ability to update information on the fly, notifying attendees in a moment’s notice what is happening with conference speakers, artists, race start times etc. so that there is no confusion or frustration on their attendees part.

Think of the cost savings on all those re-printed programs! Replacing printed material with digital gives you the flexibility for content changes, line up shuffles and even offering your attendees bounce back offers/discounts they will actually see. Reducing printing costs is a win-win for planners and the environment!
Yes, absolutely! You will receive two (2) one (1) hour CMS training sessions to show you how to set up push notification and updates. We have also designed the app so that it is easy to use and understand for all people regardless of tech experience.