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RFID Integration

Radio Frequency Identification

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags are intelligent bar codes that capture and store data used for wireless identification and tracking. Currently, RFID technology has several uses to enhance event management and attendee experience and continues to expand in the live events industry.

Concerts and festivals use RFID wristbands to gain real-time insights into traffic patterns and attendee metrics throughout various areas within the event venue. Event organizers can quickly assess which areas are most populated and take measures to reduce queuing and improve the security of their event.

Racing events use long-range RFID tags on bibs, wristbands or shoe tags to track the start and finish times of each runner and display those times immediately after the race is finished.

Integrated Wearable Credentials

At GoEventus we are the link between RFID event solutions and tech-enabled credentials. This means we can manufacture RFID tags within our event wearables, allowing our passes to provide a live-event technology solution for thorough and comprehensive data collection.

With these tech-enabled wearables, we can integrate solutions for various event types with customizable uses and tracking purposes. Whatever your requirements are, we work alongside you to help improve event operations and heighten the attendee experience

Enhance your event with our integrated RFID solutions.