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Queue Bands

Is there anything more synonymous with ‘VIP experience’ than the convenience of skipping the line?

Deliver a heightened guest experience of reduced wait times and increase event revenues using our Queue Bands for crowd management at your event.

 Give your guests the ability to pre-schedule activities so they can spend less time in line-ups and more time enjoying the event. Whether it’s for a featured attraction, game or activity, Queue Bands make it easy to manage a crowd, delight your guests and help your event run smoothly.

Our Queue Bands are created for your specific event requirements, they integrate seamlessly with your existing on-site system and tangibly increase event revenue. Get custom designs and include QR codes to provide additional value to your attendees, brand and sponsors.

How Queue Bands work:

  1. Attendees purchase a Queue Band with a designated time to attend a specific attraction, concession or activity
  2. In the meantime, they are free to experience other features and activities at the event
  3. Guests return at their pre-scheduled time with little to no wait


  • Seamless integration with on-site systems
  • Reduce operational costs and concession waste
  • Control various zones with one single system
  • QR code optional on all bands for direct marketing and sponsorship opportunities
  • Direct corporate sales for promotional days at various parks, events, fairs or festivals


  • Eliminate ticket management
  • Reduce bottlenecking and long wait times
  • Increase event revenues
  • Organized crowd management
  • Enhance the customer experience

Reduce line-ups and Enhance the guest experience.