Next Level Event Marketing Solutions MedTech Wristbands


Our GoSponsor wristbands allow you to turn a traditional expense item for access control into an additional revenue driver for your event.

Provide tangible value for your sponsors and attendees, lower your costs and increase event profits with this simple, secure and seamless integration.

How it works:

  1. Give chosen sponsors the opportunity to be featured in the GoSponsor bands QR code and connect directly with your audience
  2. When attendees scan the QR code on their wristband they can access exclusive offers from the participating sponsors
  3. Attendees can redeem their sponsor offers after the event


  • Attract & Strengthen your sponsorship relationships with proven conversion rates and ROI
  • Increase Guest Engagement by thrilling them with exclusive offers from their favorite vendors
  • Create a new Revenue Stream for your event

Improve sponsorship value and ROI